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James Bond 007

 Live and Let Die Facts

live and let die poster

The 8th James Bond film.

Starring: Roger Moore as James Bond [in his first outing], Jane Seymour as the Bond Girl and Yaphet Kotto as the villain, Mr. Big.

Budget: $7 - 12 million.

Opening dates: UK July 6, 1973; US June 27, 1973

Directed by: Guy Hamilton

Writing credits : Ian Fleming (novel), Tom Mankiewicz

Plot Outline: 007 is sent to stop a diabolically brilliant heroin magnate armed with a complex organization and a reliable psychic tarot card reader.

Runtime: UK:119

Trivia: The power-boat jump over the causeway set the world record for distance: 110 feet. The second boat was not scripted to collide with the police car, but after this happened while shooting the stunt, the script was changed to accommodate it. (more)

Goofs: Revealing mistakes: Visible ramp built onto steps of building in NYC when taxicab goes up steps and then onto trash cans.

Live and Let Die - Pictures - Facts - Cast

James Bond 007

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